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UCF Building Fee Curve

Projects will be charged permit fees necessary to conduct plans reviews and inspections of the work per the new FBC. This fee will be applied on a sliding scale to account for the varying labor that is required per the size of the project.

Remember that this cost is for building code administration per the FBC. It does not include SFM fees for fire code administration. The building permit fee is chargeable to the UCF department that is funding the project. All permit fees must be paid before a permit will be issued. The fee will be based on the Construction Value of the project. The Construction Value shall include all cost – including design, site work, utilities, construction, OIR, CST, furniture, equipment, etc.



Building Code and Fire Safety Contacts

Main Phone: 407-823-6300
Fax: 407-823-0945

P.O. Box 163500
3540 Perseus Loop
Bldg. 16A, Facilities and Safety
Orlando, FL 32816-3500

Building Code Official

Ning Li
Building Code Office Manager

Michelle Humphries
Fire Safety / Plans Review

Marcel Fernandez
Fire Safety / Drills and Training