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Occupancy Changes

All requests involving modifications to furnishings and room layouts must include a design professional cover letter outlining the code compliant requested change and accompanying drawings detailing the room, floor and building with the appropriate life safety information for submission to the UCF building code office. This may include but is not limited to the applicable code references, dimensions, seat counts, row and aisle spacing, ADA, egress paths through the facility, and HVAC accommodations.

If there is a need to change how a space is used, furnishings, or the number of occupants, please contact Facilities Planning to open a FI request to initiate the design and submission process.

Permitted project submittals such as podium changes, new wired furnishing, and seating upgrades that include layout changes must provide the same information outlined above for plans review.



Building Code and Fire Safety Contacts

Main Phone: 407-823-6300
Fax: 407-823-0945

P.O. Box 163500
3540 Perseus Loop
Bldg. 16A, Facilities and Safety
Orlando, FL 32816-3500

Building Code Official

Ning Li
Building Code Office Manager

Michelle Humphries
Fire Safety / Plans Review

Marcel Fernandez
Fire Safety / Drills and Training