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Environmental Management Program

The Environmental Management Program (EMP) is responsible for overseeing the university’s compliance with federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations. Areas covered include: hazardous waste management, air permitting, industrial wastewater, illicit discharges, environmental assessments, site remediation, and storage tanks. The program includes regulatory monitoring to track changes to environmental regulations as they relate to environmental compliance.

The environmental management program works to prepare and support the UCF community towards environmental excellence in the following areas:

Air Quality
The program takes steps to prevent adverse effects to air quality per the Clean Air Act.

Hazardous Waste
The program manages hazardous waste per the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Illicit Discharges
The program establishes procedures to prepare the university to respond to environmental accidents.

Industrial Wastewater
The program implements best managment practices to control water pollution per the Clean Water Act.

Storage Tanks
The program takes steps to prevent oil spills per the Oil Pollution Act.




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