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Frequently Asked Questions


Does every laser in my laboratory need to be registered with the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Radiation Control (FDOH BRC)?
Only those that are classified as Class 3B or 4 must be registered.

If I relocate a laser, do I need to contact Environmental Health and Safety?
Yes, relocation of a laser requires an updated registration with the Florida Department of Health to be sent in (DH 1605). Complete an updated DH 1605 and send to Adrienne

I do not know if my laser is registered with the State of Florida Bureau of Radiation Control, who do I need to contact?
Contact Adrienne to find out if your device has been registered. If it has not, EHS can initiate this process.

Do Principal Investigators (PIs) have to go through Laser Safety Training?
PIs must take the Safety Training for PIs course. In this course, Laser Safety will be covered. PIs may take the online training provided by EHS if they want to see the training their lab workers are receiving.

What does Laser Safety Training at UCF entail?
Laser Safety Training is offered online for students and lab workers. The department and Principal Investigator may require additional safety and procedural training.

I do not have enough safety glasses for temporary volunteers in my lab, what do I need to do?
Contact Paul Yocom at (407-823-1471). EHS will reach out to other laser users and vendors to see if we can find you an economical solution.

How often does UCF Environmental Health and Safety inspect my laboratory?

What are the inspection checkpoints that I need to be aware of for the laser portion of the inspection?
Laser Inspection Checklist

How often do I need to update my laser inventory with Environmental Health and Safety?
Annually or anytime a change (addition, deletion or relocation) has been made.
Laser Inventory Spreadsheet

I have purchased a new laser. What should I do next?
Contact Kasey Creel at We will provide you with a DH 1605 form and mail it to the Florida Department of Health for you. We also ask that you update your laser inventory for the institution.
Laser Inventory Spreadsheet
DH Form 1605

Do I need an SOP for every laser in my laboratory?
Yes, every class 3B and 4 laser must have an accompanying SOP.

SOP Template

Sample Laser SOP Template

How often do my lab workers need to go through laser safety training?
Currently, this is a one-time training. If PIs want their students to take an annual refresher, updated questions can be formed to meet the safety needs of the lab.

What laser related documentation must be in my Lab Safety Manual?
A copy of your current laser inventory or DH Form 1605 and relevant SOPs for each laser. Also, any laser or procedural specific training you have given lab workers in your laboratory.


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