Travel Accident & Sickness

As part of the foreign travel insurance program, the university provides coverage to faculty, staff and students traveling outside of the United States on university sponsored trips for Travel Accident & Sickness insurance. There are 2 different policies, listed below, each with a summary of the benefits provided issued by ACE American Insurance Company. Please note that the benefits summary includes certain insurance provisions; however the actual policy will govern. Please contact EHS Risk Management with any further questions.

Faculty/Staff Benefits Summary Adobe document icon

Students Benefits Summary Adobe document icon

Before departing for trip, all faculty, staff and students will need to bring a copy of the below Travel Assistance ID card, which can be cut off the bottom of the pamphlet and placed inside a wallet or purse; each policy has a separate ID card, one for Faculty/Staff and one for Students. This card has the phone number to contact, in the event any services provided under this policy are needed. EHS Risk Management also has a wallet sized, water resistant ID card available by contacting us at 407-823-0648 or by email.

Faculty/Staff Travel Assistance Card Adobe document icon

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In addition to the medical and security benefits provided by this policy, there is also a wide array of travel assistance services provided. The below document is a summary of those services which are provide to all faculty, staff and students.

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