How will the plan review, permit, and inspection process work? Who applies for the permit?

Where signed and sealed plans are required, the design professional of record (typically the architect or engineer) shall provide a minimum of three (3) sets of final construction drawings and specifications to the Building & Fire Code Office through the project manager. For projects that do not require signed and sealed drawings (see below), the project manager responsible for the design shall submit a minimum of three (3) sets of drawings and specifications. The Building & Fire Code Office will screen the plans for completeness and forward them for further BCO or SFM review as applicable. For plans deemed incomplete, comments will be provided to the project manager and the plans returned or held for additional information before further processing. BCO and SFM plan review comments will be forwarded to the project manager as they are received. Record responses to all BCO and SFM comments shall be provided and once all issues are satisfactorily addressed, an email notification that the drawings and specs are reviewed for permitting will be sent to the project manager. The general contractor (GC) responsible for the work must then apply for the building permit. No work shall commence until the permit has been issued. The GC is responsible for constructing the project to the FBC, in accordance with the reviewed plans and specs. The GC is also responsible for requesting the required inspections as indicated in the FBC and FFPC.