Why does my PI/ Supervisor required to sign off on the Centra Care Authorization Form?

The PI/supervisor of the lab worker is responsible for completing page 5 of the enrollment packet.

Principal Investigators, Supervisors or Designated Contact Person must:

  • Identify eligible participants and ensure their enrollment in the AEP
  • Complete and sign the Centra Care Authorization Form
  • Inform the AEP Program Coordinator of new individuals who may be exposed to animals and provide notification for those who are about to terminate his or her association with the PI or supervisor, or ceases animal contact Ensure personnel shall not begin work with animals or be occupationally exposed to animals until they have been cleared through the AEP and completed any required annual training.

EHS highly recommends everyone to read the Animal Exposure Program Manual so that they understand their responsibilities.

The PI must:

  • Write the personnel name on the top of the form
  • Select “Medical Surveillance AEP (24501094)”
  • Select “Animal Worker Medical Directorship questionnaire review” under EXAMS
  • Sign on the bottom where is says “Supervisor” and date

Centra Care will not accept the medical questionnaire without a completed Centra Care Authorization Form.

The PI serves as the authorizer to pay for the services on behalf of the university.