University Low-Speed Vehicle Map

The low-speed vehicle map highlights the designated zones and paths golf carts and utility vehicles are permitted to operate. These zones and paths are in addition to other areas for which special permissions might have been granted to departments (e.g., Landscape and Natural Resources to operate on green spaces).

Low-speed vehicles are permitted to operate on any sidewalks that are at least 5ft. wide and within their designated zone. Outside of their designated zones, low-speed vehicles are only permitted on the sidewalk path highlighted in black (also labeled Campus-Wide path).

The campus location where your low-speed vehicle is housed and/or the location of the main office for your department determines your designated zone. There are four zones: Zone Red, Zone Blue, Zone Yellow, and Zone Green.

Below are descriptions of the four designated zones :

Low-speed vehicles are not permitted to park in areas designated as fire lanes. To view, those areas review the University Fire Lane Map.