Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations

An AED, or automated external defibrillator, is a device with a built-in computer that assesses the victim’s heart rhythm, judges whether to administer an electrical shock or defibrillation to help the heart.

You may download the free Pulsepoint AED App on your mobile phone to show you the exact location on the map of every AED in your area.

UCF AED Locations
Bldg # Building Location
1 Millican Hall (MH) President’s Suite
Room 384 – Kitchen
3rd floor stairwell, by room 322
Registrar’s Suite – 1st floor
2 John C. Hitt Library (LIB) 2nd floor near Circulation Desk
4th floor near elevators
3 Physical Plant (Utility Plant) 1st floor wall by room 103
5 Chemistry Building (CHEM) 1st floor at Supply Room
6 Theatre (TH) Lobby by Men’s Restroom
7A Jimmi A. Ferrell Student Services Commons (FCA) Lobby of Live Oak Room
7C Jimmi A. Ferrell Student Services Commons (FCC) Inside Mail Room
7E Jimmi A. Ferrell Student Services Commons (FCE) Auditorium Building 7
10 Osceola Hall (OSC) Lobby area
12 Mathematical Sciences Building (MSB) Lobby 2nd floor
14 Howard Phillips Hall (HPH) 2nd floor by elevator
16A Facilities and Safety (FSC) Hallway by restrooms
Staff lounge
16E Warehouse By restrooms
Employee lounge
19 Rehearsal Hall (RH) Lobby by restrooms
20 Biological Sciences Building (BIO) 2nd floor by elevator
21 Education Complex and Gym (ED) Gym, 1st floor
2nd floor, near Elevator
Room 179
24 Creative School (CSC1) Main Office
26 John T. Washington Center (JTWC) By restrooms
27 Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Lobby area by restrooms
33 Libra Community Center (LCC) Community Room
40 Engineering I (ENG1) Lobby, by elevator
45 Business Administration I (BA1) 2nd floor by elevators
4th floor by elevators
49 Emergency Operation Center (EOC) EOC
Mobile Command Center
50 The Venue Athletic Trainers Office (2 units)
2nd floor, Men’s Basketball
2nd floor, Women’s Basketball
Weight Room
50 CFE Federal Credit Union Arena (ARNA) Hallway by management office
Command Center 1056,1st floor
First Aid Room, 2nd floor (6 units)
Ticket Counter, 1st floor
51a Art Gallery (VAB) 1st floor, next to 116
52 Student Union (STUN) 1st floor, at Information Desk
53 CREOL (CROL) 1st floor by First Aid Station
54 College of Sciences Building (CSB) 2nd floor by restrooms
65 Lake Claire Community Center (LC65) By entrance
71 Barbra Ying Center Annex (BYC) Lobby by men’s restrooms
72 Satellite Plant Main entrance hallway
73 Housing Administration Building (HAB) Lobby
75 Nicholson School of Communication (NSC) 1st floor by Auditorium
77 Wayne Densch Sports Center (WDSC) Athletic Training Room
Weight Room
79 Classroom Building I (CB1) 2nd floor by elevator
80 Health and Public Affairs I (HPA1) 2nd floor, by atrium elevator
81 Barbra Ying Center – CMMS (CMMS) Lobby
82 Jay Bergman Field (JBF) Baseball Stadium
Soccer Training Room
88 Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) Main hallway First Aid Station
Athletic Training Room
MAC Gym hallway
Aquatics/Leisure Pool
Aquatics/Lap Pool
Circuit area/Cardio floor
MAC Gym viewing area
Near Weights Coordinator area
Lake Claire
90 Health and Public Affairs II (HPA2) 2nd floor, atrium area
91 Engineering II (ENG2) 3rd floor by room 326
93 Teaching Academy (TA) 1st floor, in Student Lounge
4th floor, by elevator
94 Business Administration II (BA2) 1st floor by elevator
95 Burnett Honors (BHC) By room 121 and restrooms
96 Duke Energy Welcome Center (UWC) Reception
98 Classroom Building II (CB2) 1st floor by elevators
99 Psychology Building (PSY) 1st floor by elevator near room 121
3rd floor room 301K
100 Lake Picket Boathouse Main room
102 Academic Village Nike (N102) Community Area Office
109 Academic Village Hercules (H109) Community Area Office
116 Harris Corporation Engineering Center (HEC) 1st floor by elevator
3rd floor by elevators
119 Performing Arts Center Theatre (HEC) Hallway near restrooms
121 Physical Sciences Building (PSB) 2nd floor across from elevator
4th floor across from elevator
122 Morgridge International Reading Center (MIRC) 1st floor left side
125 Softball Stadium (SBS) Athletic Training Room
126 Fairwinds Alumni Center (ALUM) Lobby, near elevator
127 Health Center (HC) Gold Pod (1st Floor)
White Pod (2nd Floor) Dental
Between Orange and Purple Pod (2nd floor)
Between Green and Blue Pod (3rd floor)
Inside Karen Yerke’s office (3rd floor)
128 Nicholson Field House (NFH) On wall
129 Tower 1 (T1) 1st floor lobby by fire panel
5th floor hallway near elevator
130 Tower 2 (T2) 1st floor lobby by fire panel
5th floor hallway near elevator
132 Tower 3 (T3) 1st floor lobby by fire panel
5th floor hallway near elevator
133 Tower 4 (T4) 1st floor lobby by fire panel
5th floor hallway near elevator
137 Knights Plaza Gym Recreation and Wellness Expansion (KP) Member Service Desk
137 Knightaide Pharmacy (KP) By Room K102A
140 Career Services & Experiential Learning 2nd Floor behind Service Desk (Temporary)
150 Public Safety Building (UPD) 1st floor wall
2nd floor, by the elevator
3rd floor, by the elevator
157 Neptune Community Office (N157) Lobby
159 Housing Services Lobby
320 RWC Park, Recreation Services Field Restroom (RSFR) RWC Park Storage Area
321 Challenge Course, Recreation Services Field Maintenance (RFM) Back of the main room
409 Alpha Epsilon Phi (G409) 1st floor
411 Kappa Alpha Theta (G411) 1st floor
415 Fraternity & Sorority Life (G415) Lobby
416 Chi Omega (G416) 1st floor
417 Kappa Kappa Gamma (G417) 1st floor
903 Rosen College of Hospitality Management (G417) 1st floor by Reception Desk
2nd floor by Dean’s Reception Desk
915 Dr. Phillips Academic Commons East 1st floor by elevator
West 2nd floor by elevator
East 3nd floor by elevator
East 4th floor by elevator
8113 Orlando Tech Center (OTC3) Suite 301, Room 102 (Kitchen)
Suite 550, Hallway by Emergency Exits
Off-Campus Locations
Archie Carr Sea Turtle House (Caretta House) Melbourne Beach, Florida Office, back wall
Fellers House Field Station Canaveral National Seashore, Florida Kitchen, by the stove


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AED Information Contact

Jose Vazquez
Assistant Director
(407) 823-2605