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Laboratory Safety

2021 Laboratory Safety Inspection Updates

Updates have been made to the UCF EH&S Laboratory Safety Inspection Program. They can be viewed through the following links. 2021 Laboratory Inspection Program Changes General Laboratory Inspection Outline
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Ergonomics for Working Remotely

Working remotely during this pandemic brings significant challenges. Finding a correct ergonomic set-up at home to do computer work for 8 hours (or more) per day is a challenge, but...
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Can a Mask Protect Me? Putting Homemade Masks in the Hierarchy of Controls
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COVID-19 UCF Building Sanitization Requests

UCF Building Sanitization Request Form
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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Please see the following links for information regarding the Novel Coronavirus.  
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Building Code Office has Moved

Please be advised that The Building Code Office has moved to the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Click HERE to access their new site. Please contact Ning Li or Stephanie Coleman with...
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March (EHS202/EHS116) Practical Sessions are Available

We have posted 5 new practical sessions for the month of March. Please check our training calendar below to view the dates and times. Contact with any enrollment questions.
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Risk Management has Moved

Please be advised that Risk Management and Insurance has moved to the University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk Office. Please contact Olivia Escalona or Carmen Brache with any questions.
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New Construction Costs SOP

A new Standard Operating Procedure has been created for all UCF vendors, contractors and their subcontractors working on university-owned spaces, please download the new Construction Costs SOP.
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Fire Safety

Hot Work Permit Updates

Please be advised that revisions have been made to the Hot Work Permit. Please contact Diana Smith, or (407) 823-0324 if you have any questions or concerns.
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