Safety is No Accident

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is dedicated to reducing injuries and accidents, reducing the university’s environmental impact, and ensuring compliance through high-quality training. EHS offers courses in areas such as workplace safety, fire safety, and research safety.

EHS provides a wide variety of lecture-based and online courses. The calendar is regularly updated with the current course offerings.

To register for lecture-based courses visit the EHSA Course Registration page.

For a list of all the Research Safety online courses see the Online Courses Offered page.
Training sessions are scheduled on a month to month basis. Session days and times may vary based on instructor and location availability.

To find out when practical sessions or other lecture courses are being offered, visit our Training Calendar.

On-Campus Users:

In order to register, you need to have a connection to UCF_WPA2 or be on a wired connection (Ethernet) other than UCF Student Housing. Click here for instructions on how to connect to UCF_WPA2.

Off-Campus Users:

If you have been given permission, you can access to the UCF Virtual Private Network (VPN) to have access to EHSA. Click here for instructions about using the VPN.

Please note: Enrollment in UCF Webcourses may take up to 2 business days.

Workplace Safety Training Matrix

For any questions regarding the training or registering please contact