Pyrotechnics and special effects displays upon University Property are considered for approval on a case-by-case basis. Advance approval is required from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), and the appropriate University Department or Facility Manager overseeing the proposed area prior to permit application to the Florida State Fire Marshal (SFM). Only select locations are considered at the discretion of the authorities above. Discharge or trajectory of any device over an audience, campus building, environmentally sensitive zone, or occupied parking area is strictly prohibited. An approved permit is required for all pyrotechnic events and a legible copy of the approved application is required to be provided on-site by the operator.

The signed Permit Application for the Use of Pyrotechnic Displays Form is to be submitted to UCF EHS by the pyrotechnics vendor not less than Thirty (30) calendar days in advance of the event. A complete package including all attachments outlined in the application must be submitted for review. Should there be any reason an item is presumed not applicable, provide written justification for that section in the submittal. To ensure a smooth review process, please organize and present the application and submittal contents in the order they are requested and numbered in the Application Checklist. (Note: The form requires UCF Facility Management approval and confirmation of Independent Fire Watch.)

Electronic submission to EHS is preferred through the UCF sponsor/facility manager so the appropriate sections on page three of the application can be completed. Once the application is reviewed by EHS and found in compliance with the University guidelines it will be forwarded to the State Fire marshal for permit review. Additional forms and signatures will be required as dictated by the SFM.

The event sponsor (UCF Club or Department or Facility Operator) shall also complete and submit the Safe Action for Event (SAFE) Approval form to be circulated separately but is to clearly indicate the extent of pyrotechnics proposed for the location. This event approval will be noted as contingent upon successful completion of the Pyrotechnics Permit process.

Verification of insurance is required and shall be submitted prior to the event.  The applicant is to provide proof of General Liability Insurance for the pyrotechnics display in an amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. The University of Central Florida Board of Trustees, The Florida Division of State Fire Marshal Bureau of Fire Prevention, and the State of Florida shall be listed as additionally insured but other entities such as UCFAA and individual facility management companies may also be shown as needed or requested.

An independent pyrotechnics fire watch as described herein is to be provided by the facility management. A copy of the approved application and show features will be forwarded to the individual for their reference at the time of the event. The facility management is required to provide the fire watch with communication means (radios) that function within that facility to allow for direct contact with the fire panel watch, even management, and the pyrotechnic operator as needed.

Where a demonstration of an effect is requested by the State Fire Marshal or EHS, such demonstration shall be arranged in advance to be scheduled from 8 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday in the event facility. Items which cannot be accommodated within these parameters will be subject to deletion from the event request.

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety reserves the right to disapprove any event or effect at any time, even if previously approved. The vendor will be notified as quickly as possible should any problems become apparent.

General Considerations

Only select locations are considered. Please verify with the office of UCF EHS in advance of your requested location’s availability for pyrotechnic accommodations.

All proposed effects shall be restricted as deemed in the best interest of safety by the permitting authority. The items below are identified with limitations as noted, additional effects may be included as needed during the review process.

Prohibited Indoors

  • Comets: A pellet of composition which is propelled from a mortar or shell and produces a long-tailed effect.
  • Large Waterfalls: Effects such as multiple gerbs suspended overhead in close proximity discharging down for a cascading waterfall appearance.

Restricted Indoors

  • Propane Flame Effects: allowed with location and discharge heights limited for approved clearances. All effects to be arranged to stay within the stage area boundary and maintain heights below overhead structures with a minimum clearance of at least 20′.

All drapes and scenery are required to be fire retardant and documentation provided with the application. No glowing or flaming particles are to be within 10′ of the audience or stage personnel unless prior arrangements have been made specifically for certain performers. Each device shall be at least 15′ from the audience or 2X the fallout radius, whichever is greater. A minimum of 25′ is to be provided to all concussion mortars. Confetti cannons shall not be arranged to discharge in the vicinity of pyrotechnic effects.

Pyrotechnic materials will not be permitted to be stored on-site overnight and must be delivered, secured and monitored by the display vendor on an as-needed basis for each show day. Only the amount for each show shall be placed at the point of use inside the facility at a time. No other storage inside the facility is allowed unless approved in advance on the application. Suitable secured safety containers to be provided for all materials with sufficient staffing provided for all locations.

The pyrotechnics vendor applicant is required to hold a valid ATF license for any pyrotechnic display. The operator must be a current employee of the applicant. The vendor is required to provide all necessary safety equipment such as magazines, secured containers and fire extinguishers to protect the materials while on site. A minimum of 2 ABC dry chemical and 2 water H20 extinguishers are required per event with additional provided as indicated on the application or as needed to cover remote staging areas, the pre-show preparation area, and the display site during the show. Failure to have properly tagged and charged units for the event will void the approved application. The University does not provide fire extinguishers for vendor use. Unauthorized relocation or tampering with the building units is a felony.

Where a fire watch is required a minimum of 1 independent person with adequate training in pyrotechnics oversight and emergency communications means shall be provided and pre-approved by the EHS and or State Fire Marshal. The pyrotechnics fire watch personnel’s only duty is to oversee the pyrotechnics display and watch for fire or other emergencies that could result in harm to persons or damage to property. Shows with multiple effect control points will require additional fire watch staff to be indicated at the time of permit approval. The fire watch person will ensure that the effects are brought in, arranged, set up, and discharged in a safe manner in accordance with the approved permit. The fire watch person shall have the authority to instruct the pyrotechnics vendor to modify or cease use of the effects if they determine a hazard exists. Failure of the vendor’s representative to comply with fire watch personnel’s request may result in disapproval of future permits. The fire watch person shall have the authority to initiate building evacuation. The fire watch person should also be familiar with the facility, location of the fire alarm system panel and controls, location of fire extinguishers, and have means of contacting emergency forces. All costs associated with fire watch expenses to be the responsibility of the facility management, sponsoring department or venue. Potential fire watch candidates to contact and\or submit a list of qualifications for review in advance of the event.

Indoor displays will often require temporary modification to the building detection and alarm systems. When this is necessary a fire alarm trained technician will be required to be on standby at the fire alarm panel to oversee its operation and return it to normal when the show is completed. Physical Plant (PP) or a contracted fire alarm vendor as designated by them is typically employed for this service. Requests for PP service need to be filed 10 days in advance. A fire watch (above) is also required. All costs associated with these services to be included in the event.