Fire Safety Guidelines

Guidelines on the Use of Convenience Appliances

University facilities are well equipped with Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC). Should you find yourself in a hot or cold spot, please contact Work Control Center at (407) 823-5223. A comfortable environment may only be a damper adjustment away.

For information on the university’s policy on indoor environmental conditions and the use of convenience appliances, please refer to the Energy Sustainability Policy (#3-111).

Once the approval for appliance use has been obtained from the appropriate department and your facility managers, please contact the fire safety office for additional information on safe use and guidelines specific to your location and equipment request. You may contact any of our fire safety staff for additional details.

Guidelines for Extension Cord Use

Extension cords are not permitted to be used as permanent wiring at any time. We are however permitted to use surge suppressor strips (the kind with a little light and fuse which you may already be using for your computer). These must plug directly to a wall outlet and your equipment must then plug directly into the suppressor. All suppressors are to be UL listed and bear the UL symbol.

The following are some of the items which are not approved and will be required to be removed if found:

  • Three-way outlet splicers (the little box that makes 1 plug into 3).
  • Outlet boxes (usually a silver box with 4 plugs on the top and a long black cord).
  • Home use extension cords (usually brown or white lightweight cords).
  • Heavy-duty extension cords (when not being used temporarily).
  • The wires should be free of tape and splices and the insulation free of worn spots.
  • Cords should not be run under carpeting or desk mats.

Most of the cords can be replaced with a surge suppressor purchased from your campus office supply store. If additional outlets are needed, a Facilities Improvement request may be filed with Facilities Operations.

Please share this information with others in your office. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Diana Smith.

Guidelines for Outdoor Recreational Fires and Open Flames

Each event planning to have outdoor open flames on University property must be reviewed in advance by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety in addition to following the SAFE form requirements, where applicable. A responsible representative of the event who will be in attendance for the fire activity must meet with EH&S fire staff to review event details as outlined on the form here: Guidelines for Outdoor Recreational Fires and Open Flames.

The following conditions will apply:

  • All open flames, including those associated with grilling equipment, must be a minimum of 10 feet from any building.
  • Open flames are not permitted on any landscaped or finished area.
  • Flying sky or floating lanterns and similar open flame devices released uncontrolled into the environment are not permitted.

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Fire Safety Guidelines Contact

Diana Kerrison
Fire Safety Specialist

Liangely Guilbe-Perez
Fire Safety Specialist
(407) 823-2314