Radiation Safety

The University of Central Florida uses sources of ionizing radiation for a variety of educational and research applications. UCF has established a radiation safety program (RSP) to ensure that work with radioactive materials and radiation machines is conducted in a manner that protects health and minimizes danger to life, property and the environment. The Radiation Safety Manual is a guide to the safe use of radiation sources at the University. Its purpose is to describe some of the basic aspects of health physics (the science of radiation protection) and practical application of radiation safety principles in the laboratory, as well as the University’s radiation safety policies and procedures. Beginning March 1, 2019, all Occupational Radiation Exposure and Termination Reports must be requested through email.


In order to request a personnel monitoring badge, fill out a Badge Request Form (RC-2) and send it the Radiation Safety Coordinator.

For the development of a Radiation Protection Program for your X-Ray device, contact the Radiation Safety Coordinator. EHS can assist with the development and provide templates depending on your machine’s classification.

This can be done by completing a DH Form 1107. UCF EHS can send this form into the FDOH BRC for you. Contact the Radiation Safety Coordinator for more information.