Spill Prevention

EHS takes steps to prepare the personnel on how to respond to and report a spill. EHS provides training, procedures, spill cleanup materials and assistance. Small and large spill kits are located through the campus.

Incidental Spills

Involve a small quantity of a known hazardous material in the workplace where the material is routinely used. The worker discovering or causing the spill has knowledge of the hazards and can perform the clean-up using available spill kit materials. These spills DO NOT involve unknowns, acutely hazardous materials, injury, fire, explosion, or uncontrollable releases.

Emergency Spills

Larger quantities of hazardous materials where local fire department response is required. These spills may involve injury, fire, explosion, acutely hazardous materials, unknowns, multiple containers, or result in uncontrollable releases to waterways or soil. Persons responding to these spills have comprehensive training in hazardous materials emergency response. From a safe location call 911.

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan

The University of Central Florida maintains a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan. This Plan details discharge prevention, discharge reporting, secondary containment, inspections, and training in accordance with the Oil Pollution Prevention regulations (40 CFR 112).

Report All Spills

Work Control
(407) 823-5223

EHS will contact outside agencies if further reporting is required.