Laser Inventory and Registration

Applicable control measures must be set in order to evaluate the laser or laser system’s capability of injuring personnel, the environment in which the laser will be operated, and individuals that will be using or be exposed to the laser. One method to ensure adequate control measures is to conduct a laser safety inventory of the lasers currently existing within the institution. Only those that are class 3B and 4 will be inventoried.


High-power laser devices (Class 3B and 4) are regulated by the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control. As a result, all class 3B and 4 lasers must be registered with the State of Florida, Department of Health Bureau of Radiation Control (Chapter 64E-4.001, FAC)


Laser Inventory Spreadsheet
Laser Safety Manual


Please send updated Laser Inventory Verification and any questions about registrations.

Mario De Vera
Radiation Safety Officer
(407) 823-0476

Melina Kinsey
Interim Chemical Hygiene Officer