Fire Protection Systems and Equipment Information

Smoke Control Systems

Smoke control systems shall be periodically tested as required by NFPA 92. Documented testing shall be comprehensive of all system components and sequencing such as initiating devices, fans, dampers, controls, doors, and windows. Testing shall determine airflow quantities at a minimum across smoke barrier openings, makeup air supplies, and at smoke exhaust equipment. Systems shall be exercised for each sequence with verified outputs for each input and demonstrated on emergency power where provided.

Coordination is needed with fire alarm, HVAC, generator, and doors\damper\opening service personnel to fully demonstrate all integrated components. A system operation and maintenance log shall be maintained with the records of the periodic testing reflecting the performance verification of all system elements.

Training Record Forms for Alarm, Clean Agent, and Early Detection Systems

Where employees are expected to perform minor fire alarm services each is to have adequate training for the tasks identified with records of training maintained. Department’s choosing to have Clean Agent or Early Detection systems for equipment protection shall designate local Departmental personnel to respond to signals and alarms, perform routine inspection, and oversee general system operation, maintenance, and coordination with Physical Plant where needed. Choose the appropriate form below for each training type, fill out the blanks completely and have signed as indicated here:

  1. Initialed by the trainer as a qualified individual (manufacturer\alarm company rep or authorized training personnel) indicating they have given instruction on each of the identified tasks.
  2. Signed by the employee acknowledging comfort with the tasks identified and acceptance of the responsibility (not every employee will necessarily have every box checked).
  3. Signed by the employee’s supervisor agreeing the staff member is qualified and authorized to do those functions identified. Original form forwarded to EHS for permanent record. Keep departmental copies and action plans as needed.