First Aid Kits

UCF provides first aid supplies to all occupied buildings. First aid cabinets are usually located in common areas like lobbies, atriums, by elevators, etc., to provide easy access in case of emergency. They are serviced at least every month. However, if supplies are needed, they can be requested even if the cabinet is not due for service.

First Aid Kit Locations
Bldg # Building Location
1 Millican Hall 1st Floor behind staircase
3rd Floor near the Mens Room
2 Library 2nd front desk near stairs, walk in and to the left of main front desk
3rd Media desk, when looking at the desk on the left wall near window
4 Storm Water Facility Main entrance, in the right hallway, next to door leading out back
5 Chemistry- LAB 1st Floor near 103 and water fountains
2nd Floor near 203 and water fountains
3rd Floor near 303 and water fountains
6 Theatre In main lobby, near mens restroom
In back stage shop/woodworking area
7 Ferrel Commons A- Live Oak Ballroom/ Garden Room, in the back near restrooms
D- Marketplace Dining, right side in the corner near tables
F-  Near restrooms next to Student Disability Center office
12 Mathematical Science 2nd Floor Near Women’s Restroom and Room 228
3rd Floor near room 331 and Men’s restroom and near coke machines
14 Howard Phillip Hall 2nd floor near 208 and east restrooms
16 F.O. A- Near TRAKA box
B- Near electrical shop 152
C- Near Classroom 167
D- In hallway near water fountain
E- Near #111 and near restrooms
19 Rehearsal Hall In between restrooms on west side
20 Biological Sciences-LAB 1st Floor near restrooms and Main elevator
2nd Floor near restrooms and Main elevator
3rd Floor near restrooms and Main elevator
4th Floor near restrooms and Main elevator
21 Education 1st floor near Room 175
2nd floor near 220
24 Creative School Main office
26 John T. Washington By Restrooms and Chik Fil A
28 Early Childhood In Kitchen room #104
29 Computer Center Near IT desk in the center atrium
40 Engineering I- LAB 1st floor- near 154 and 132, and restrooms
3rd floor- near 354 and 332, and restrooms
44 Engineering Field Lab In north side of building but access through main entrance, near water fountain in wind research area
45 Business Administration I 1st floor main atrium near Room 107
48 Chemical Storage Near restrooms
49 Emergency Operations Center One kit in main office, must use main entrance
49 Emergency Operations Center 8 Portable Kits
51 Visual Arts Building 1st floor near west restrooms
2nd floor near east women’s restroom
52 Student Union 1st floor near restrooms, across from Joffreys
3rd floor in student lounge near microwave
53 CREOL- lab 1ST Floor in kitchen area, right side of main entrance
2nd Floor in kitchen area, right side of main elevator
54 College of Science 2nd Floor near water fountains and restrooms
3rd Floor near water fountains and restrooms
71 Barbara Ying Center In Kitchen area near offices
75 Nicholson School of Communication 1st floor near restrooms in south main entrance
79 Classroom Building 1 1st floor near north main elevators
2nd floor near north main elevators, directly above first floor kit
80 Health and Public Affairs- LAB 1st floor near main elevator and AED
3rd floor directly above 1st floor kit
81 Center for Multilingual Multicultural Studies Behind Desk (International services center)
90 Health & Public Affairs II- LAB 2nd floor near Room 201-210 hallway
2nd floor near Room 201-210 hallway
91 Engineering II- LAB 2nd floor near 200G and elevator on West side
4th floor near 400G and elevator on West side
92 Biology Field Research Center 112A
93 Teaching Academy 1st floor near Room 130A on South side
94 Business Administration II 1st floor near Room 104
2nd floor near Room 205 and water fountains
95 Burnett Honors College 1st floor. Main entrance, near water fountains
96 Progress Energy Welcome Center 1st floor. When looking at main reception desk, to the right. In between restrooms and above water fountains
98 Classroom Building 2 3rd floor by the elevator
99 Psychology 1st floor near Room 103 and Room 101
2nd floor near 202 and water fountains. To the left when walking out of main elevator
100 Burnett House In catering kitchen
116 Harris Engineering- LAB 2nd floor- Near 201 and main stairwell
3rd floor- Near 301 and main stairwell
119 Performing Arts Center Music Side- 1st floor in between restrooms near front desk, west side
Theater Side- 1st floor near west restrooms
121 Physical Science- LAB 1st Floor near Kitchen Areas
2nd Floor near Kitchen Areas
3rd Floor near Kitchen Areas
4th Floor near Kitchen Areas
122 Morgridge International Reading Center 1st floor near restrooms, across from elevator
126 Fairwinds Alumni Center 1st floor near 100H- closet and elevator
140 Career Services and Experiential Learning 1st floor, to the right of the main door near handicap door
150 Police- (Check in at front desk) 1st Floor within holding cells
2nd Floor in break room near
152 AMPAC Near South side restrooms
153 Visitor and Parking Information Center Waiting-Reception Area
154 MMAE Facility Near room 104(Restrooms)
525 Arboretum Trailer Restroom
529 Creative School Portable
540 Creative School Portable
8102 Research Pavilion 1st Floor Common Area
4th Floor Common Area
8111 Partnership I 1st Floor near janitors closet(Office)
2nd Floor near janitors closet(Office)
8113 Orlando Tech Center Room 301 Kitchen Area
Room 550 Common Area
8114 Biomolec. Research Annex Common Area
8118 University Tower 1st Floor Common Area
4th Floor Common Area
8119 Partnership  II 1st floor near housekeeping closet
2nd floor near housekeeping closet
8120 Orlando Tech Center- 500 By the vending machine
8121 Orlando Tech Center- 600 In the kitchen
8126 Partnership III 2nd floor hallway next to restrooms
3rd floor hallway next to restrooms

First Aid Kit Refill Request Forms

Office First Aid Kit Refill Form
Laboratory First Aid Kit Refill Form
First Aid Kit Printable Location List

First Aid Supplies Contact

Noel Crespo
Occupational and Industrial Safety Manager
(407) 823-6077