X-Ray Equipment

Radiation generating devices that are used for medical purposes produce the greatest man-made source of radiation exposure to the public. As a result, the Florida Department of Health began inspecting radiation machines as early as 1958. It is a regulatory requirement that all ionizing radiation machines (X-Ray) in the state of Florida be registered with the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Radiation Control and on-site inspections conducted.

The Florida Department of Health, Radiation Machine Program seeks to reduce exposure to workers and the public from machines that emit radiation for medical, scientific, educational, and industrial purposes.

The program achieves this by:

  • Halting unauthorized uses and users,
  • Preventing accidental or unintended exposures,
  • Ceasing ineffective or inappropriate uses of radiation, and
  • Decreasing the amount of exposure needed to accomplish a task

For more information on ionizing radiation machines, visit http://www.floridahealth.gov/environmental-health/radiation-control/ion/index.html.

Source: Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control, Radiation Machine Program


For the development of a Radiation Protection Program for your X-Ray device, contact the Radiation Safety Coordinator. EHS can assist with the development and provide templates depending on your machine’s classification.

This can be done by completing a DH Form 1107. UCF EHS can send this form into the FDOH BRC for you. Contact the Radiation Safety Coordinator for more information.