Lab Inspections

The Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS) is responsible for performing inspections to ensure that laboratories and laboratory personnel are compliant with the UCF policies and all Federal and State Laws. Laboratory inspections for the various departments are scheduled annually, bi-annually, and quarterly depending on the lab hazards.

EHS performs an annual comprehensive inspection covering chemical, biological, radiation, and laser (CBRL) hazards for all laboratories.

Laboratories designated as BLS-2 are inspected again during the year using the biological, radiation, and drugs (BRD) Semi-Annual BRD checklist.

Laboratories designated for radioactive materials work are inspected again on a quarterly basis using the radiation and general safety (RGS) checklist.

Inspection Procedure

EHS will contact the department about scheduling an upcoming laboratory inspection. Once the inspection has been scheduled and completed the inspector will generate a report. Inspection reports will document inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement.

The inspection report will be directed to the laboratory’s Principal Investigator and any applicable Department designee within 5 business days. Any inspection deficiency that poses an imminent danger (likely to cause a serious hazard, injury, disability or death) must be corrected immediately.

Deficiencies must be corrected within 30 business days of receipt of the laboratory inspection report. EHS will conduct a follow-up inspection within 30 business days to ensure corrective actions are implemented.

If the deficiency cannot be corrected in that time frame, the Principal Investigator must submit a written corrective action plan detailing the expected corrections and estimated date of completion within the same 30 business days. The Principal Investigator may designate a responsible party to submit the report.

Failure to correct deficiencies after the initial 30 business day timeframe will result in notification to the department chair or director. Continued failure to correct will result in escalation to UCF Administration per the Campus Safety and Health Policy 3-122.

Inspections Schedule

CBRL Inspection Checklist
BRD Inspection Checklist
RGS Inspection Checklist
General Laboratory Inspection Outline
2024 Lab Inspections Schedule

Lab Safety Contact

Melina Kinsey
Interim Chemical Hygiene Officer
(407) 823-1526

Franco Del Pino

Laboratory Safety Specialist
(407) 823-2886