What do I do with Compressed Gas Cylinders and Aerosol Cans?

Return gas cylinders, whether empty or partially filled, to the manufacturer or distributor through which they were purchased. Aerosol cans, that are completely emptied of product and have been thoroughly depressurized, can be disposed of through regular trash pickup. Use up all of the gas in a cylinder or aerosol to render it completely empty if at all possible. Empty containers should be clearly marked as empty to avoid confusion when it comes to return or dispose of the cylinder/can. Do not vent full or partially used cylinders/cans into fume hoods as a means of disposal.

In the event, it is not possible to return the cylinders as specified above or if you are unable to completely empty and depressurize, submit the cylinders or cans for waste pickup by EHS. Make sure the cylinders are clearly marked as to contents and valves are properly sealed and capped. Aerosol cans must be packed upright in a box and capped to prevent the release of contents. If the ingredients of the can are known, list them on the waste form with the respective percent composition. If it is a commercial product, list company name, location and any hazard information listed on the can.