Initial Chemical Inventory

Submitting Your Initial Inventory


All chemicals and chemical products (except those listed at right). Examples are:

Vendor-list the supplier name from the container label

Product #- list the product number or catalog number, if available on label

CAS Code- list the Chemical Abstracts Service number, if available on label

Container Size- list the container size (500, 25, 4, etc.)

Unit of Measure- list the units (g, l, gal, kg, ml, cc, lbs,)

Amount Left- OPTIONAL, allows for more precise inventory tracking for lab purposes

Physical State- indicate whether gas, liquid, or solid

Density- list density for liquids and gases, if available on label
Submitting the Inventory

Make a copy of the inventory worksheets for your records. Contact EH&S (please list your lab number and email). At this time, EH&S will begin data entry of your inventory.
Accessing your Inventory

After data entry is complete, your PI will be assigned a username and password, and will be directed to EHSA.