Lab Coat Dispensing Program 1

The Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS) has teamed up with CINTAS to bring the lab coat dispensing program to the University of Central Florida. Students, Staff and Faculty working on labs will be able to check out a lab coat from a lab coat dispenser using their UCFID card and return them at a drop off machine at 4 locations on main campus and Lake Nona. Individuals will have to be designated to a research lab and be up-to-date with all their EHS safety training. Lab coats can only be checked out 1 at time but may be checked out after an hour once returned and they should not be checked out for longer than 2 weeks. There are 7 lab coat sizes available (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL).


Physical Sciences Building

This building has a dispensing unit on the hallway to the right of the main lobby area between the two bathrooms. It also has a drop off machine in front of the dispensing unit, behind the way and across from the men’s bathroom.

Physical Sciences Location Map

Research 1 Building

This building only has a drop off machine. Coming from the entrance facing garage C, make a right at the first hallway and the machine will be next to the bathrooms and across from the mailboxes.

Research 1 Location Map

Engineering 2

This building has a dispensing unit and drop off machine on the Northeast hallway coming from the corner door of the loading dock. The hallway intersects with another hallway where rooms 115 and 180 are located.

Engineering 2 Location Map

Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences at Lake Nona

This building has a dispensing unit on the third floor by the elevator in the middle of the building. The unit is located in the hallway between the elevator and room 341. It also has a drop off machine across from the dispensing unit on the corner of the hallway next to room 339.

BSBS Location Map